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If you would like to send mail to any of the committees of District 12 you will have to add the committee name to the address @snocoaa.org

These committee names can be copied and pasted to the address @snocoaa.org
  • accessibility
  • archives
  • committee
  • central-office
  • corrections
  • dcm12
  • altdcm12
  • grapevine-literature
  • gratitude-banquet
  • picnic
  • schedules
  • secretary
  • third-legacy
  • treasurer
  • treatment
  • webservant
  • clearviewgsr

If your home group would like to have a GSR email address through this website (ie GSR.marysvillegroup@snocoaa.org) contact the Webservant to have one setup for you. You already own it.



If you are an elected committee member of District 12 you have an email account and you can log into it by using this.        LINK